Yellow Watermelons

Yellow Watermelon

Yellow watermelons? It has to be photo shopped or picture editing. Oh,no,it is not, it is real as real. Maybe it is genetically engineered? No,it is not. It is actually natural.

Yellow watermelons are part of the first natural oldest species of watermelon until the red watermelon gotten through cross breeding. The first watermelon were naturally yellow & orange.

Yellow watermelon are botanically classified as citrullus lanatus belonging to the cucurbitaceae family.

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Yellow watermelon history starts from Africa where it’s origin is traced from 5000 years ago,this is not surprising since the fruit can grow in very hot climate/weather as long as it gets water supply often enough. Some Africans even call it desert king. They have been cultivated since between 400 BC & 500 BC.
In Ancient Egypt,watermelons can be seen on the walls of King Tutankhamun’s tomb,which is dating back to 4000years ago,maybe to serve as water supply for the kings into a journey of the after life.

Yellow Watermelon

Traders from Africa that journey into the middle East, & Mediterranean for trade made watermelons popular.

What makes water melon different is the lack of lycopene that gives red watermelon it’s colouring while yellow water melon have high amount of beta-carotene,red water melon lacks beta-carotene.
Yellow watermelons are also high in vitamin A & C.

First yellow watermelons are less sweeter than the red watermelon & have less sugar concentration although they have a subtle honey taste to it.

Some of the varieties of yellow watermelons are yellow baby,yellow doll,desert king,tender gold,butter cup, tastigold.

Today yellow watermelons are mostly found in local market & are now more difficult to find because the red cross breed has taken the spot light


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