So I got this article from a very pretty Yoruba friend Simisola Ogunbanwo,the lady is so beautiful,you might forget eating a plate of the well prepared native she serves you while staring at her face until the aroma of the rice hits you.

How to cook Native rice
-palm oil
-iru (locust beans)
-diced ponmo
-stock fish
-diced beef (optional)
-eja kika (smoked fish)
-Grounded crayfish

Cooking process
-put a pot on fire, pour a small quantity of palm oil in it and let it bleach for a few minutes, say 4mins on low heat.
-Add your already cut onions in it and let it fry for some seconds.
-Add iru, and pour in your pepper mix. Stir and let it become thick a bit.
-Add your, already boiled diced beef and ponmo, stock fish and eja kika, add your maggi, salt, water and  crayfish (grounded type).
-Cover pot and allow to boil for about 6minutes.
-Add your already washed rice into the pot and let it cook till tender. You can add your scent leaf🍃 and steer all. Yaga! Your native jollof rice is ready.

Native Rice

The beauty about this meal is that it is very very easy to prepare and it has a different kinda delicious taste. It is sold in various eateries and given different kind of names. Village rice, even Ajoke rice by TFC. But then the original name is native or village rice.


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