How To Cook Native Rice


So I got this article from a very pretty Yoruba friend, Simisola Ogunbanwo,the lady is so beautiful.

  1. How to cook Native rice
    -palm oil
    -iru (locust beans)
    -diced ponmo
    -stock fish
    -diced beef (optional)
    -eja kika (smoked fish)
    -Grounded crayfish

Cooking process
-put a pot on fire, pour a small quantity of palm oil in it and let it bleach for a few minutes, say 4mins on low heat.
-Add your already cut onions in it and let it fry for some seconds.
-Add iru, and pour in your pepper mix. Stir and let it become thick a bit.
-Add your, already boiled diced beef and ponmo, stock fish and eja kika, add your maggi, salt, water and  crayfish (grounded type).
-Cover pot and allow to boil for about 6minutes.
-Add your already washed rice into the pot and let it cook till tender. You can add your scent leaf🍃 and steer all. Yaga! Your native jollof rice is ready. 💃🏽

The beauty about this meal is that it is very very easy to prepare and it has a different kind of delicious taste. It is sold in various eateries and given different kind of names. Village rice, even Ajoke rice 🤣 by TFC. But then the original name is native or village rice.


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