I particularly like the scent of lemongrass in the early hours of the day,because that’s when the scent is strongest.

Lemongrass is used for anti-malaria & fever particularly in Nigeria. It is added to herbal mixture ingredients for malaria.

Do you also know that mosquitoes hate lemongrass?  Yes do! Mosquitoes hate to be anywhere around where lemon grass is planted. I read one of the reason is that lemon grass contains citronella,a natural oil  that some insects react badly to including mosquitoes. So it will be nice to plant it close to your window or around any entrance.

Yes,from my first statement on this article,you should know already that lemon grass is an aromatherapy plant. The zesty lemon smile especially in the early hours of the day,is sure a plant to keep around. Pleasant smell especially a natural one does some good to the body. I even cut some lemon grass and place in my room,just to have that  natural smell for awhile. I also add boiled water of my lemon grass to my bathing water to give me some refreshing natural smell and as well as to kill bad germs in my body or odour. (Of course you can wait for the water to cool before adding it.

I also tried using lemon grass for some culinary purposes.
One of which was boiling the grasses after cutting it into bits,I usually allow it to cool down a bit , then I soaked my fish I must have cleaned properly. I soak my fish,prawns,shrimps or meat but most especially fish for about an hour in the lemongrass water before grilling or baking them.

Two; I shred and cut lemon grasses into bits and use it as an added ingredient for any kind of peppersoup.

Thirdly; I leave it on top of a boiling rice to give the rice and the atmosphere  around it a scented lemon flavor.

Most importantly, I make a fresh herbal tea out of it. I cut about 5-7 stands of lemon grass into bits,put the bits into a tea pot with about 300-350 gram of water and let it boil for 15-20 minutes. I drain the water into a mug and drink as a cup of tea. To make it more delightful often times, I add a full teaspoon of honey and ginger powder or I just boil fresh ginger roots with the lemon grass. Trust me there are a lot of benefits that comes with taking this herbal infusion,do not say I did not tell you.

Lemongrass contains some dose of vitamin C, (what does one expect anyways when it smells like a lemon),so it’s a really helpful drink if you have a cold flu and cough. It also contains anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties which further helps with cold flu and cough like I stated.


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