Recipe Okro soup with bottom-pot taste Recipes
Okro soup with bottom-pot taste recipes

Maggi-naija pot

Salt Pomo
White onions
Bell pepper
Habanero pepper
Maggi ginger and garlic seasoning

1.Boil your meat and pomo with salt,ginger and garlic seasoning,Maggi-naija pot seasoning,raw garlic and white onions.

2. Heat your Palm oil up a bit,add the already grinded bell pepper and Habanero pepper and let it fry just a bit,then add in your crayfish

3. Add your grated Okro, try to mix in the pepper and okro together.

4. Add your stock water from the meat and pomo to the okro cooking on fire.

5. Add your salt and and Maggi-naija pot seasoning.

It is important to know that Okro is a delicate food and does not need to he cooked for long or put on the fire for long. 10-15mins is enough to cook when the okro is put on the cooking pot.

And who needs stockfish when you have have Maggi-naija pot with the bottom pot taste.

Sophyfoodblog Okro soup with bottom-pot taste
Okro soup with bottom-pot taste
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