Spicy pepper soup


Spicy pepper soup

Fresh catfish
Grinded ehu seeds and crayfish
Crushed ginger
Grinded Cameroon pepper
Grinded onions
Lemon grass
Scent leaves
Cubes of seasoning
Few table spoons of sunflower oil

1.Clean your catfish properly and pour boiling water over it to make it more clean and firm for cooking.
2.Put your catfish in a pot of water
3.Add your grinded onions, crushed ginger, Cameroon pepper, grinded ehu seeds and crayfish all at once to the pot of catfish
4. Turn on your gas and start boiling the mixture.
5. Add in your sunflower oil, shredded lemongrass and scent leaves, salt and cubes of seasoning.
6. Boil until catfish is properly cooked.

It is very important to add some of the ingredients like pepper, grinded ehu seeds, crayfish, onions to the pot of catfish before starting the boiling process, so that the ingredients can spice up the fish or give the fish some pepper soup flavor.


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