Six Plant Based Milks

Plant based milk on white textured background

Plant based milks can be a fun way to try out new or different taste profile for milk especially since there are many plant based milks to try, out of which includes my favorite six plant based milks. Plant based milk are also ideal for those that do not want to take animal milk or fat anymore, or those that want to go on a vegan diet or any type of diet that requires switching to plant based milk.

There are the six plant based milks;

1. Cashew milk

Heap of raw cashews and a glass of cashew milk

2. Almond Milk

3.  Oat Milk

A glass of oat milk, a jug and oat flakes.

4. Macadamia Nut Milk

5. Soya Beans Milk

Glass with Soy Milk and Soya Seeds

6. Coconut Milk

Plant based milk on white textured background



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