Six Popular Types Of Diet

Balanced nutrition concept for clean eating flexitarian mediterranean diet. Assortment of healthy food ingredients for cooking on a wooden kitchen table.

There are many types of diet in the world today,if are to list those many diets,it would be at the very least,20 types of diet but I would only talk about six popular diet among the many diets we now have.

1. Fruitarian diet: This diet involves taking only fruits,nuts & seeds for a certain period of time usually.

2. Gluten Free Diet: This diet does not allow one to eat any food containing gluten,which is a kind of protein mostly found in wheat & other grains. Gluten is also found in most processed food like bread,cake,pasta, cookies, & baked pastries generally except when stated otherwise. A gluten free diet is staying away from gluten & food containing gluten.

3. Ketogenic Diet: This is a diet low in carbohydrates & sugar but high in healthy fats. The body breaks down those healthy fats into molecules called ketone. Ketogenic diet also allows intake of protein but in minimal quantity,seafood protein is particularly encouraged in ketogenic diet.

4. Vegan Diet: Vegan diet is plant based diet only. One eats vegetables,fruits, nuts & seeds that contains various nutrients & classes of food needed in the body without eating animals or anything gotten from animals, which also includes dairy products from animals. Vegans also get their dairy products from plants.

5. Clean Eating: Cleaning eating is about consuming whole foods,healthy foods, & real foods. It involves avoiding processed food,junk, & sugar pack processed food & drinks. It also involves eating in moderation or having one’s food well portioned or rationed. Cleaning eating is also connected to eating more of plant based food,grass fed animals,sugar free, organic food & gluten free food. People who also practice clean eating ,usually eat food sourced & cooked themselves.

6. Liquid Diet: This is a diet that does not allow food chewed but swallowed. It is a liquid based diet only. Food taken in liquid diet includes tea,coffee,juice,smoothie,protein shakes,broth, soups, yoghurt, custard, pap, & milk.


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