10 Must Have Garden Plants

Tomatoes plant
Tomatoes plant


1. Citrus: pick at least one citrus tree/fruit to grow from orange, tangerine, lime, grape etc. Our body needs as much natural vitamin C as it can get. Citrus fruits are also a great addition to drinks,smoothies & food recipes or as just a cup of juice in itself. The skin also needs vitamin C as much as our internal body.

Lemon Tree
Lemon tree

2. Lemongrass: lemongrass is a very easy herb to grow,it grows all year round & for years if it is often taken care of.
The herbal value & nutrition of lemongrass is so great that it should be in every garden or house Space.
It helps with common cold,flu, malaria,stomach upset, & digestion. It also contains vitamin C. Lemongrass taste great as a herbal because of it’s subtle lemony taste & aroma.
Lemongrass can be used to cook to add flavour to a dish especially when cooking livestock & seafood products or marinating animal meat or fish.

3. Kale: Kale is a super food & power house of nutrition. Kale contains high amount of protein & calcium,kale is one of the plant version of animal protein.
It is important to add this plant because of the nutrition value & some of the nutrients it has are nutrients hard to get from most plants. They are a great diet add generally & for vegetarian meals or if one wants to reduce intake of animal protein & milk.


4. Flowers: doesn’t matter the type or colours of flowers, just plant them because seeing beautiful flowers & plants are important to the eyes & mind because it gives a sense of happiness & peace.
Flowers are one of the ways to happiness especially when you pause to appreciate & look at it,you have the power to that happiness by planting them. You could decide to grow the common flowers or uncommon flowers,it is all up to you as long as you plant them.

Calendula flowers
Calendula flowers

5. Spring onions: spring onions gives a dish a more tasteful edge,it can also serve as an alternative to bulb onions. Onions are important for almost any dish, soup & sauce.

6. Vegetables: Plant as much vegetables & varieties of vegetables as you can, good thing is that most vegetables are easy to grow as long as they get enough water & care.

7. Aloe Vera: Your body needs aloe vera sometimes or once in a while because of the herbal benefits & how highly detoxifying aloe vera is. It is also a very important skin care herb when it’s taken internally or used externally on the skin.
If you don’t can’t stand the taste of aloe vera gel, you can juice it with sweet fruits.

8. Mint: it doesn’t matter the type of mint,just plant a mint plant. Mint makes a great cup of herbal tea & serve as a great ingredient addition to any kind of drink or beverages because if it’s refreshing taste. Mint plant also help with over all wellness & sleep.

Mint plant
Mint plant

9. Tomatoes

Tomatoes plant
Tomatoes plant

10. Pepper





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