Eight Reasons You Should Garden

A garden space

1. Self fulfillment & self accomplishment. It is a beautiful experience to watch something grow from tiny to small, small to big or tiny to large. There might be times one would fail as a gardener especially when you just start your journey in the gardening world, which makes all the times you succeed all the more worth it, the happy experience from that, seeing what you planted blossom, & eating from what you planted gives one a sense of fulfillment & accomplishment.

Germinating seeds
Germinating seeds

2. Getting your hands in the soil and dirty as been scientifically said to give one happiness.

3. Exercise; gardening is another healthy way to sweat it out. The whole process of gardening involves some part of the body; using your hands, walking & moving around which involves the leg,sometimes even using your whole body to work.

4. Getting readily available food within your reach. You don’t have to go far or spend so much to get certain food, it is within your house space.

A garden space

5. Fresh plants and food: for someone like me who loves tea,I can easily make a cup of fresh herbal tea. One can easily make salads, & incorporate certain herbs & spice into one’s cooking. One can easily get & cook fresh food depending on what you have in your garden. These days I find it easy to make fresh vegetable soup & salads because I planted vegetables in my garden.

A basket of fresh food
A basket of fresh food

6. More oxygen in your home & environment. One also have a cleaner air because of the plants.

7. It can save you from boredom & keeps you occupied in your space time.

8. A quite space for meditation, seeingĀ  & be with the beauty of nature


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