Ramadan Food Tips; What To Eat And Not.


Ramadan is a holy month where Muslims take extra consciousness abstaining from some things like alcohol drinking,smoking and sex etc. More forgiveness is asked from God and there are more charity  giving, prayers and all good deeds are usually rewarded in multiple folds.

The Ramadan month is also the month,the first verse of the Qur’an was revealed to  the Prophet. Muslims also have a long month of fasting this period which is the essence of this article, food suggestion about what to eat and not what to eat.
Muslims start the fasting with a meal called “Sahur” which is about 4:30am or 5am (the exact time is quite controversial because some say 4:30am of 5am). Then there is “Iftar” for breaking fast,which is suppose to be as soon as the syn goes down,but most Muslims usually wait till prayer for Maghrib which is 7pm.
One good way to have a good Ramadan is incorporating dairy products to your diet, your body will be needing as much natural fluid as it can get,diary products like milk, Greek yoghurt, plain unsweetened  yoghurt, & cheese.
Dates is one of the most important food to eat during Ramadan  period. It is said that Prophet Muhammed broke fast with three dates and water and there on dates has been associated with Ramadan. Aside this very important fact,dates are actually very healthy fruits and contain some nutrients like calcium ,Iron,fiber,vitamins and potassium. And its a good source of energy because of the high sugar in it.
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Try to start your fasting “Sahur” on a light note to avoid getting hungry  easily.  When some people start fasting on a heavy note,they tend to also crave more for water or liquid substance and when you cannot do this ,one might feel more stressed out and hydrated. Although you can decide to break the fast on a heavily note but start with something light or liquid for your body to be more receptive to the heavily food.
I am a big lover of tea,so this might be hard for some people. Avoid caffeine substance totally this period like tea (black tea,green tea,white tea,dark tea) and coffee, if not you might find yourself feeling more tired and dehydrated.
Yes,fruits! Try taking more fruits these period,you can spice it up by taking it in form of a  smoothie, juice and fruit salad. Banana is one very good fruit you should not forget this period because they are very good source of energy (talking about starting the fast on a light note). Banana is just so loaded,banana give the right spike.
Fruit bowl
Fruit bowl
Eat more soups like vegetable soup and any kind of pepper soup especially fish pepper  soup, but try to make the pepper soup as less peppery as it can me (I know,I know its called pepper soup but focus more one the herb aspect of making the soup). Avoid oily soups though like Banga soup and Egusi.
Oatmeals are also great well to start the fast because of how very filling they are. Trust me this is a light meal yet very filling and simple too.
One should also try to  avoid acidic fruits like lemon and lime this period.
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