Seven Types Of Meals In A Day

White rice with sauce
White rice with sauce

Growing up as a kid,I do never would have thought there were 7 types of meal one could have in a day like I know now because I grew up knowing just three different types of meal in a day; breakfast, lunch & dinner.

1. Breakfast: Usually suppose to be the first meal for the day, which is eaten between 6am to 9am.


2. Brunch: A light meal which is usually lighter than breakfast, it is eaten between 11am – 12:30pm.

3. Elevense: A snack like meal that is mostly pastries & cookies eaten with any beverage or drink around 11am.

4. Lunch: A meal eaten between 12noon to 2pm,which is like a middle of the day meal.

White rice with sauce
White rice with sauce

5. Tea: In some countries, it is called afternoon tea. This is a meal where a cup of tea is taken with sandwiches,cakes & pastries around 4pm. I particularly like this one because of my love for tea.

Afternoon tea
Afternoon Tea

6. Supper. An evening informal meal eaten between 6pm & 7pm.

7. Dinner: Any meal eaten in the evening that is past the hour of 7pm


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