Six Cake Baking Mistake

Traditional vanilla pound cake with orange extract

We all would like our cakes to come out perfectly baked but often times one could make cake baking mistakes that makes the cake imperfect. We might have also tried creating our own cake recipes & made these cake baking mistakes, creating your cake recipe might be easier when you know these cake baking mistakes.


A cake is suppose to raise almost 3 times the quantity of the cake batter. A cake is also suppose to have aeration which depends on the cake recipe, expansion of the gases air & carbon dioxide of the baking powder.

There are six ways caking baking could go wrong.
1. Excess Sugar; if there is too much sugar in a cake batter,there is a likelihood the structure of the cake will weaken & there will be a collapse of the cake in the middle.
A cake recipe can have a high ratio of sugar of the recipe contains high ratio of liquid as well.

Traditional vanilla pound cake with orange extract

2. Excess baking powder; when the baking powder is too much for the cake recipe/batter,there will be a collapse at the centre of the cake. The cake might also come out baked with a bit of an off taste.
3. Excess Butter/fat; the essence of fat in a cake is to air the cake to make it fluffy but when it’s too much, this can make the cake come out very soft which tends to make the cake break apart or scatter.

Ingredients for a cake recipe which includes butter & milk

4. Excess liquid; if the liquid is too much,it gives the cake a rubber like structure & texture. Excess liquid tends to make the cake shrink. It also tends to make the cake pull away from the cake pan or paper.
5. Excess Egg; Egg is very vital in cake baking because it gives the cake strength in structure but excess of it makes a cake rubbery tough.

Chef hands making a batter for delicious cake in the kitchen

6. Excess Oven heat; this can make the cake bake too fast & raise to fast which create a dry cake or burnt cake or cake eventually collapsing in the middle.

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