Three Reasons To Love Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil
Fresh Sweet Basil

I fell in love with Sweet basil spice some years back, I think that was in my year in the university & I am still loving it after almost 10 years, it has become one of my favorite spices especially if you cook lots of sauce,stir fry, stew & different types of rice including jollof rice like I do.
My love relationship with Sweet basil started even before I thought I was going to go into herbalism & gardening professionally. I started with dried sweet basil which anyone can get in a supermarket,food store or online. Now I get my fresh sweet basil from my gardening which is easily for anyone to grow too.

Sweet basil, lemongrass & tomatoes for cooking

You should love Sweet sweet basil because of three of these reasons, although there are many other reasons to.

1. Taste; sweet basil gives any dish or drink a sweet delicious tasty favour, it is truly as the name implies “sweet”, so yes to this spice which adds sweetness to any drink or food.

A picture of sweet basil with fruits & pepper

2. Aroma; aroma & scent are very important in cooking or any prepared dish because the aroma can act as an appetizer,it makes one interested in eating. Food aroma also creates an atmosphere of happiness. Sweet basil has a strong pleasant aroma.

Sweet Basil
Fresh Sweet Basil

3. Nutritional value & health benefits; sweet basil is loaded with antioxidant. It is a great nutritional source of vitamin K,iron, beta carotene, vitamin A, manganese, vitamin C, & B6.
It helps with digestion & indigestion. It helps with liver function. It protects against bacteria infection.


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